13-year old student shot four times in Military Police action in Rio’s north zone; family accuses police of execution style murder

13-year Maria Eduarda was shot four times

Note from BW of Brazil: When I say that there is a concerted effort to eliminate a parcel of the population, you can dismiss it as conspiracy if you wish, but how else can one explain the violent force of which Brazil’s police deals with its population? Not only do they recklessly approach those suspected of criminal activity, but in such recklessness, it is very common that they kill innocent persons who had NOTHING to do with any sort of criminal activity. With the focus of this blog, it’s not possible to cover all of the police murders that take place throughout the country, but the story is always the same. Police action at war with suspected gangs/drug traffickers. Shootout ensues. People drop, sometimes those suspected of criminal activity, often not. Police suspended. End of story. What type of government sanctions such brutal force regardless of the loss of life? And with all of the scandals involving so many Brazilian politicians, it seems they probably have A LOT to hide! Again, senseless violence takes away another innocent teenager. SHAMEFUL!!  

Maria Eduarda, 13, was hit during police action

Student dies shot in school in the north zone of Rio

Maria Eduarda Alves da Conceição, a 13-year-old student at the Daniel Piza Municipal School in Pavuna, in Rio’s north zone, died late Thursday after being shot on the school’s own premises. Maria Eduarda attended the 7th year of elementary school, and participated in a physical education class at the school when she was hit, around 5pm.

When the girl was shot, police and criminals were involved in a confrontation in the Fazenda Botafogo housing complex at Avenida Professora Sá Lessa, near the school.

Maria Eduarda com as amiga. Menina de 13 anos foi morta dentro do colégio, em Acari
Maria Eduarda (middle) was hit while attending physical education class

The Military Police press office reported that agents of the 9th BPM (Rocha Miranda) and the 41st BPM (Irajá) were on the scene. The 2nd Judicial Military Police Station (DPJM) is investigating the case. The two policemen, who appear on the tape, are administratively detained.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Education, of Maria Eduarda’s mother fainted upon learning of the teenager’s death. The girl’s brother, Uidison Alves, accused police of having executed the girl. He pointed out that she was hit by four shots, which would characterize an execution.

In a statement, the Military Police press office commented on the case and said that “the Comando da Corporação (Command of the Corporation) was aware of the video that circulates on social networks and shows the actions of Military Police in the area of Fazenda Botafogo this afternoon (30).” “By virtue of what is set forth, the General Commander has determined that the Internal Order of the Military Police assumes the determination of the flagrant illegality and thus blame those involved.”

Around 6pm onf Thursday (30), residents of the region held protests on Avenida Brasil, in the stretch near Pavuna and Costa Barros. The route was interdicted in different stretches and moments. Demonstrators used objects like concrete blocks and trash containers to block the lanes.

Família de Maria Eduarda enterrou o corpo de estudante no sábado (1º)Foto - Matheus Rodrigues
Maria Eduarda’s family during burial (photo: Matheus Rodrigues)

Family of teen accuse police of execution

Relatives of the young Maria Eduarda accuse Military Police of executing the adolescent.

During the recognition and release of his sister’s body for the funeral on Friday (31), one of the six siblings of the student, Uidison Alves reported that the body of Maria Eduarda had four marks of perforations from the bullet, thus not being a situation of a lost bullet, where only one shot happens. According to the brother, the girl had two marks of head shots, with only one pierced and another bullet wound in the buttock.

Os pais de Maria Eduarda mostram a camisa que a estudante vestia quando foi baleada (Foto - Antonio Scorza)
Maria Eduarda’s parents hold shirt she was wearing when she was shot (photo: Antonio Scorza)

“It was an execution. They executed two mourners and still executed my sister, four piercings.”

A video, circulating on the Internet, shows Military Police officers executing two men in Acari, in the north zone of Rio, in a region near the school where Maria Eduarda was. In the pictures, the police shoot two men lying on the ground, both were unarmed and injured and still moving, when the police shot them with rifles. The two PMs were arrested in flagrante delicto when they were testifying in the Homicide Division of the capital and charged with a qualified homicide.

PMs executando dois homens no chão
Video shows Military Police executing two men on ground near school where Maria Eduarda was shot

The director of the school, Luis Menezes said that when Maria Eduarda was shot there was no confrontation or operation at the scene and everyone was surprised.

“There was no operation at the moment, it was a quiet day at school, we opened school at 07:30 on the first shift, we worked on the second shift from 1:00 p.m., until then there was nothing, suddenly around 4:00 p.m. the shooting began, we still had no information on what was happening. We didn’t see any armored Military Police at that moment, there was no armored tank at that moment.”

Young Maria Eduarda died while in physical education class, since she was athlete of the school’s basketball team. According to director Luis Menezes, the young woman was being transformed by education and sport. The school is closed. Emotional, the teacher does not know when classes will be resumed, because everyone is very shaken up.

“It is going to be a week, that first we will gather to reflect, to celebrate the life of Maria Eduarda, to celebrate the lives of these young people that we care for with such persistence and care. We are in that community because we believe that it’s possible to do a serious job and that gives a better perspective to those kids, like Maria Eduarda had. She arrived at school as a rebellious girl, but that transformed herself and that education and sport, was transforming that girl into a better and better person.

Military Police spokesman Major Ivan Blaz also said on Friday (31) that there was no police operation at Fazenda Botafogo, where the student was shot dead inside the school. According to Major Blaz, the police were called by the 190 emergency service to intervene in the action of criminals, who were practicing crimes in the area, which resulted in the confrontation with the suspects.

Source: Jornal do Brasil (1) (2)

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